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    What are the characteristics of the clothes dryer?

    source:  release time:2019-05-30   Click volume:108

     What are the characteristics of the clothes dryer? The following is a brief introduction by the technicians of the towel housekeeper.

    1, corresponding to different clothes have different modes, you can also choose low-temperature drying to reduce damage to clothing.

    2, built-in filter, the dust and debris of the clothes will be concentrated together, after drying out, you can

    3, the clothes and bath towels that are dried out are loose and soft, so don't worry about becoming hard.

    4. Reasonable structure, low noise and easy operation.

    5, with a computer controller, performance is more stable, temperature control is more accurate.

    The above is the characteristics of the clothes dryer introduced by the technical staff of the towel housekeeper. There are mainly five points above. For more information, please call us!

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